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Educational Opportunities

  • Continuing Education Credits (CE’s)
  • Externships
  • Advanced Internal Courses
  • Education Symposiums

At PharMerica, we provide opportunities for our employees to excel in their careers by offering free accredited Continuing Education (CE’s) courses for our clinicians to be compliant with their licensure requirements and for increased knowledge of industry best practices. Courses cover a variety of topics from infection control, infusion and wound care, respiratory, to pain management.

We offer externships across the country at our LTC and hospital pharmacies for Pharmacy students (including Pharmacy Technicians) to gain hands-on experience and apply the classroom knowledge they have learned.

We encourage our employees to partner with us in their career development by providing free on-line courses on a variety of business topics, including, but not limited to: customer service, leadership, communication and human resources. There are more than 80 courses in our on-line learning systems libraries to choose from.

PharMerica also hosts continuing education symposia events in locations across the country. These events feature nationally recognized leaders presenting the latest in topics important to nurses, nursing home administrators and pharmacists. The symposiums help leaders learn how to apply innovative solutions that improve patient outcomes while addressing cost containment issues. Over 7,000 CE credit hours have been earned through symposia events organized by PharMerica.